Preink Stamps

Our X-Stampers are pre-inked, re-inkable stamps of superb quality and are guaranteed against defect for life by the manufacturer. These stamps are long-lasting, easy to use, and make the use of a stamp pad obsolete.

Select from a variety of in-stock stamps:

• Approved for Payment • Original
• Certified Mail • File Copy
• Client’s Copy • Entered   
• Confidential • Enclosure
• Office Copy • Duplicate
• Copy for Your Information • Copy
• Paid • Received
• Return Receipt Requested • And many more

Customized Stamps:
Pre-Inked Stamps and X-Stampers are manufactured in a wide array of shapes and sizes to accommodate any copy desired. Easy to use, X-Stampers are excellent for return address, certified originals, and many other uses.

Signature Stamps:
Signature stamps can be ordered in either X-Stamper or conventional rubber stamp style.

Received/Paid Dater Stamps:
These Stamps are medium-sized prepared stamps which read either “PAID” or “RECEIVED” and have a heavy duty rotary dater in the center that is fast and easy to change. Additional lines of copy may be added to customize each stamp to your specific needs.

Notary Stamps:
Notary stamps are available in standard sizes or a foldup, portable style. They are available as conventional stamps for use with a stamp pad or as X-Stamper self-inking stamps. Either type of stamp contains all of the information as required by statute.

Rubber Stamps:
Rubber Stamps are made in all shapes and sizes, with any copy desired and are designed to be used with a stamp pad.

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In-Stock X-Stampers:$17.72
Customized Pre-inked / X-Stampers / Rubber

Stamps are priced based upon size and number of lines.
Please call us for information.
Received/Paid, Dater X-Stampers$70.63
Notary Stamps 
X-Stamper pocket version
Rubber stamp

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