We offer thousands of advertising specialty/promotional items. You can place your firm name and/or logo on any of these items. From the selection that we offer, you can surely find something that is both appropriate and within your budget to meet your goal of getting your firm name seen regularly, and have the right people, present or future clients, continually thinking of your firm.

Specialty/promotional advertising items can be used in two different ways. As mass giveaways when prospecting for clients or more substantial gifts, imprinted with your firm name and/or logo for clients when the transaction is closed, to show your appreciation.

However you use them, advertising specialties provide that marketing edge as long as the items given, are items to be used regularly.

Here are some select giveaway items for your consideration, items that people will keep, use and remember.

Chocolate Candy:
Chocolate candy can be ordered in a variety of ways. Many chocolates are made with your firm name/logo as the design, or choose your firm name/logo on the wrapper. Order large boxes, small boxes, business card boxes, large bags or small bags all filled with the chocolate or candles of your choice.

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We have calendars for the wall, desk or briefcase. Choose from single year or multi-year, in all shapes or sizes, with or without pictures in book form, paper, plastic or magnet. We can accommodate your every idea using any theme.


Mini Packages of tissues come with your firm name/logo. These packages are ideal to be kept for the desk, pocket, pocketbook, briefcase, backpack. They will be used everywhere and your name will be prominently displayed on the package.

Wallet Notes:

Notes on the go. People are always looking for something to write a note on. This convenient sticky memo pad and writing pen is small enough to fit in a wallet, checkbook, purse or business card case. Imprinted with your firm name/logo this will get your message into your prospect’s pocket.

Pocket Sprayers:
Pocket Sprayers, a true promotional product, are approximately the size of a pen so they will fit in any pocket, pocketbook or other small carryall. They come imprinted with firm name/logo and come filled with hand sanitizer, sun screen, breath spray, moisturizer, hair spray, etc. These filled sprayers are the type that will provide constant use of your product. Refills are also available.

A small compact, folding, self-opening mirror with room for a picture that will sit on a desk or foldup for a pocketbook comes with your firm name/logo imprint.


A mouse pad that you can write on. Have your name displayed while your clients are at their computer. Your firm information remains in full view. Each pad has 25 sheets of paper and a non-skid back. They come printed with your firm logo, firm information and lines for notes. Other options such as calendars, grids or other choices can be imprinted.

Mouse Memos™$381.02673.52$1336.23
Setup and Proof Charges $24.50

Pens and Markers:
Pens and markers are used by more people each day than any other item. We offer a variety of customized promotional pens and markers that include narrow or thick shapes, plastic or metal, rubber grips or ridge grips, gel or multi ink colors, hard tip or soft tip.

Picture Frame:

Everyone, always has a family or favorite picture on their desk. That is why we have selected this inexpensive picture frame. This picture frame with your firm name/logo imprinted is something that will be used, saved and looked at everyday, by the recipient.

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Key Chains:

Bring your firm name/logo into view each and every day by placing this information on a key chain. They may be ordered in any color, any shape, plastic soft or hard, metal and with or without lights or a variety of other gadgets.

Sticky Notes:

Sticky note sheets stick where you want them to. They are available as pads, with your firm name/logo and any additional printed copy. A wide selection of pads can be ordered in all colors, shapes, sizes and quantities. A simple and effective way to promote.

Pens with Sticky Note Flags:

Pens or markers ordered with your firm name/logo for people on the go. Sticky note flags which are stored in the pen barrel, are perfect to mark documents for “signature required” or any other place in the document worth noting. Your name will always be in front of the people, wherever their work takes them.

Catalog Price List January 2023
Please call 1-800-940-2110 for any giveaway items not shown and all better gifts.

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