Email is good…… BUT paper is COMPELLING.

Making the longest lasting impression should be one of several goals when dealing with your clients and paper helps to do just that. It is PHYSICAL, something your clients can touch, feel, read, reread, show to others and be kept in a place to be easily found.

Now the document can be remembered, referred to, and saved for better retention by your client. Make the documents for your clients more compelling by packaging them in one of BLACKSTONE’S many types of envelopes, backers, covers or portfolios which have been created specifically for this task and will turn any papers, a document whether large or small into a LEGAL DOCUMENT for your client to retain. In addition, by using any of the above-mentioned items imprinted with your firm logo and information you are continuing to brand your firm with the client and keep your firm’s name readily visible. Blackstone looks forward to serving your firm.

For over 45 years attorneys, legal professionals and title companies have used the legal supplies and services offered by Blackstone Legal Supplies, Inc.


Certificates On Demand, Printed Complete And Signature Ready

Corporate Stock Certificates And Stock Transfer Ledger
“LLC” Membership Certificates And Members Transfer Ledger

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Both Corporate And LLC Certificates Have Been Redesigned To Accommodate Long Names
Of Stockholders Or Members  

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Worked diligently to create the exact letterhead the firm wanted.

Pauline Harris

Certificate Imprint Templates

Print out your Legal Certificates Including Corporate, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Limited Partnership and Non-Profit Membership Certificates.

Promotional Product Line

Looking for promotional products, items with your logo / brand? You’ve come to the right site. Whether you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas, our site is your one-stop shopping source. From traditional items to the latest, from common items to ideas for uncommon items, you can easily shop for some of the best items on the market. test

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Holiday Seasonal Calendars / Cards / Birthday & Sympathy Cards

Personalized Holiday Cards for Corporate or Family Use. All cards designed, manufactured and personalized in the USA.

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Very helpful customer service.

Ryan Fitzgerald

Received the backers that I ordered, looked great,

Melissa James

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