All of the Legal Document Envelopes are available with the caption “Legal Documents, or if your firm logo and information is being printed any caption can be printed, your choice. All printed information and the caption will be printed using raised letter. When the Legal Document Envelopes are ordered without your firm information the caption will be “Legal Documents” or they can be ordered totally blank.


Order Blackstone’s DOCUMENT COVER SHEET an interactive PDF.  By downloading you can complete and print the form in your computer and keep it for present and future use with no limits.  When ordering our backers you can order them without a caption, just your firm logo and information printed.  This will allow the backers to be used for any document that you have created.  Blackstone has designed a cover sheet template that has the name of the document in large letters, who the document was created for and who created the document.  This will allow your client to readily identify what the document is.

Legal Document Envelopes Standard:

These quality envelopes have a full flap and are 4 1/2 x 10 1/4 inches. They are constructed of heavy white or blue stock with a leatherette appearance  or heavy off-white linen stock. They will hold approximately 30 sheets. 

Legal Document Envelope Full Size:

An Envelope 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches that will hold approximately 50 letter size sheets in a cover without folding. They are a linen finish, bright white or off-white color 80 lb paper. Your logo and firm information and caption  will be printed raised letter.

Legal Document Envelope Vertical:

These envelopes are available in our standard width 5 3/4 “,  and are a bright-white or natural white 80lb smooth stock. These envelopes will hold approximate 30 sheets. 

Legal Document Envelope Mid Size:Legal Document Envelope Mid Size

A white envelope 24lb, 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches with a flap 10 1/2 inches will hold approximately a 20 page legal document folded in half. 

Legal Document Envelope Manila:

A manila envelope 10 x 12 inches with a 3 inch flap. Constructed of 12 point buff color stock, heavy weight.

Will be printed with a caption of yoor choice and the firm information. Black ink is standard but other colors are available.

First time Setup charge $24.50

Legal Document Envelopes Standard printed- with firm name and address$103.64$229.75$411.08
Blank – without firm name and address$78.06$160.64$276.95
Legal Document Envelopes Full Size printed – with firm name information$150.18$354.54$665.02
Blank   – without caption and firm name and address$106.96$249.54$467.00
Legal Document Envelopes Vertical printed- with firm name and address$100.82$233.53$389.21
Blank   – without firm name and address$64.24$143.68$268.59
Legal Document Envelopes Mid Size printed – with firm name information$86.67$201.31$337.97
Blank – without firm name information$63.33$124.74$215.78

Catalog Price List June 2024