Mailing labels are printed with the firm name/logo and address in black ink on white label stock. Other ink colors and foil are available.


Kraft Legal (10″ X 15″) and Kraft Letter (9″ X 12″) are used to mail unfolded reports, booklets, briefs, etc. They may be ordered with Peel n’ Stick feature.

Other Business Envelopes:
There is a variety of other envelopes available for every need, in white, kraft or sometimes colors. The sizes are 6 3/4 for payment enclosed, or oversized such as #11, #12, or 10 x 13 mailers and others.

Mailing Labels:
Our mailing labels are used for addressing those large envelopes or packages. These “No-Lick” labels are imprinted with your firm name and address. They come as individual labels approximately 3 x 4 or
3 x 5 1/4 inches. Custom sizes, designs, and labels printed in one or more colors are available.

Laser Mailing Labels:
These mailing labels are large, six (6) per page and designed for use with laser printers. The “No Lick” labels are imprinted with your firm name and address.

All in One Laser Mailing Labels:
These envelope size,”No Lick” mailing labels are available with or without your firm name and address imprinted. They can be addressed by using the envelope tray of your laser printer and your envelope printing software. The most frequently used mailing captions such as “First Class”, “Hand Deliver”, “Personal and Confidential”, “Address Correction Requested” etc. are included with each mailing label.

Labels on a Roll:
We offer any type of label that comes on a roll. They may be different shapes, or papers and printed with any copy . The uses for these are unlimited.

Printed Brown Kraft Mailers:
Letter Peel n’ Stick
Legal Peel n’ Stick
Blank Brown Kraft Mailers:   
Letter Peel n’ Stick
Legal Peel n’ Stick
#11 Regular Printed
#12 Regular Printed


Mailing Labels:   
Individual 4 1/4″ 3 1/4″
Individual 5 1/4″ 3 1/4″
All in One Laser Labels   
W/Firm Name Ptd.
On a Roll$232.59


Laser Labels

Set-Up Charge $24.50   

Catalog Price List January 2023

TERMS: The terms for firms with open accounts is Net 30 Days. For all others with or without accounts, payments will be accepted by check, money order, AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, or MASTERCARD
SHIPPING CHARGES: Delivery charges will be charged on orders
FLORIDA SALES TAX: If applicable Florida Sales Tax will be added to orders.
BLACKSTONE Legal Supplies, Inc. reserves the right to add a 1 1/2% service charge on all accounts due over 30 days. All prices listed are subject to change without prior notice.

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