Over the years, operating a business and the practice of law has become more complex and fast-paced than ever before. Technology has helped advance these changes and altered the way lawyers and businesses now build a clientele and then continue to serve and keep that clientele.

The flow of information and movement of documents has become much faster using technology such as fax machines, e-mail, instant messaging and air deliveries. This speed has decreased the time of personal contact, either by face to face or voice/telephone contact with your clients.

Blackstone Legal Supplies, Inc. offers many products that help you market your firm and services, by keeping your firm’s name, logo or image in full view of the client. Items such as portfolios, presentation envelopes, backers, manuscript covers and wills are some of the items which are imprinted or foiled with your firm’s name, logo, address and telephone numbers. This provides your law firm with recognition each time those documents are viewed. For your firm’s image, we offer a full range of stationery including letterheads, envelopes, business cards and other items.

For marketing your firm we offer announcements, firm biographies, season’s greetings cards and calendars, mini-folios with pads, memo pads, rolodex cards and other specialty items printed with your firm information.

• BLACKSTONE has helped many firms create and maintain a professional image of quality and prestige.

• The efficient, helpful, knowledgeable, fast and personalized service that BLACKSTONE provides is second to none.

• For over thirty years, thousands of attorneys, legal professionals, title and mortgage companies from across the country used the supplies and services offered by BLACKSTONE Legal Supplies, Inc..

• BLACKSTONE looks forward to serving your firm.